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Aimus Metallic Lightning to USB cable Suite

You are thinking that there's not much they can do to improve on the standard old Lightning to USB cables, but you might be wrong. The plastic-coated USB connector shell of original Apple cables have a tendency to fray or be cracked when dropping or bending. while Aimus went to the drawing board and came back with this whole new Metallic Lightning to USB cables. Let’s take a quick look at them.


• Type: USB to Lightning
• Length: 0.4~6 inch (15 to 180 cm)
• Colors: Space Gray, White
• Zinc Alloyed tips, PET cable

You may never hear of this brand by its name, but you are gonna like their ideas and products.

As the smartphone plays a more and more important role in people's lives, the charging demand and frequency are also growing day by day. One single original charging cable can no longer meet the variety of different needs in different situations. Aimus, the accessories manufacturer from China has given their answers to this very problem.

Various length perfectly matching different charging needs:

A longer option: When using my phone in bed or sofa while charging, the 6Ft cord can make me never be restricted by the length of the cables; And if charging my phone in the car, a 6Ft cord will perfectly cover the needs of all passengers including the back seat.

For regular option:It feels terrible to use a cable that is too long or too short during work. While the 4Ft cable not only ensures the flexible use of the phone but also won’t accumulate or twine on the desktop. Meanwhile, a Hook-loop cable tie makes it much easier to put in order.

A “mini” option: For the most iPhone users, a power bank is now a necessity rather than a backup for emergency. With an only 0.4Ft length, this lightning cable builds a perfect power bridge between the phone and the power bank. Its’ mini length also minimize the line loss in the process of power transmission, and will never twine, which brings safe and fast charging service.


Design & Functional Highlights

Although the chargers are consumables, Aimus is making it a craft. Unique diamond-shaped wire, Zinc alloyed uni-body connector with LED indicator, all these features make this cable easily stand out from so many mediocre designs.


Economic,considerable and good-looking. 
If you're looking for a Lightning to USB cable that's more stylish and durable than your average one, or you need to charge your phone in different places, then you're going to love this Aimus Cable set.

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